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宝洁的面试由 8 个核心问题组成。宝洁公司招聘题号称由高级人力资源专家设计,无论您如实或编造回答,


  Please provide concise examples that will help us better understand your capabilities.

  (1 )Describe an instance where you set your sights on a high/demanding goal and saw itthrough completion. (请你举一个具体的例子,说明你给自己确定了一个很高的目标,然后达到这个目标。)

  面试技巧分析:这个问题的考察应聘者制定高目标的勇气及完成高目标的执行力。关键词为:demanding goal、saw it through。

  面试技巧回答:(记住,采用“What+STAR+Key Words 法则”来回答)

  What :Designed a show to celebrate the Anniversary of Xiamen University, and won 2nd Prize out of 12 teams.

  Situation (Key Word :demanding )

  On the anniversary night, there was a huge celebration party, where songs, dances and dramas were played. Each school should design five shows, and our class volunteered to design one. It was a demanding goal as it was very close to the end of the term when most students were busy preparing for final exams.

  Task :As a sophomore student I was in charge of my class performance, which was a drama. I had to deal with the pressure from study, my classmates’ disinterest in acting, and my role as the king in the drama.

  Actions :(Key Words :how I saw it through )

  First, as there were only 20 students in my class, I distributed at least one task to each student;either a role, or [被过滤] tools or costumes.

  Second, since at the end of the term each member was busy with study, the rehearsal schedule should be reasonable and periodic. All team members cooperated well because of the low frequency and short duration of each rehearsal.

  Third, music and scenery were added into rehearsal in order to get close to the circumstances of the party.

  In addition, I emphasized the value of time and ordered every actor to respect other partners.

  Result :In the end, our performance was very successful. Not only did I act the “king”wonderfully,but also got good marks on the final exam.

  (2 )Summarize a situation where you took the initiative to get others on an important taskor issue, and played a leading role to achieve the results you wanted. (请举例说明你在一项团队活动中如何团结他人,并且起到领导者的作用,并带领团队最终获得所希望的结果。)

  面试技巧分析:这个问题实质上是考察应聘者的领导能力。其关键词有: took the initiative, get others to

  complete, leading role。所以在描述的时候要重点描述自己如何吸引他人参与、团结并鼓励他人、带领团队达到目标这个过程。


  What :I organized a group to sing English choir on Choir Eve, visited all the dormitories in our university and sent Christmas gifts on behalf of our English Association.

  Situation :To broaden the students’ understanding of Western culture.

  Task :Organized a group to sing English choir on Choir Eve

  Action: (Key words :took the initiative & leading role)

  i. Suggested the idea to the Chairman of our English Association and got his approval.

  ii. Asked each member of our association to offer at least three suggestions on each of the

  questions below:

  * What songs to play?

  * Who could join the choir?

  * Where should we perform?

  iii. Combined the other team members’ suggestions with my idea and made a decision on the questions above.

  iv. Organized the rehearsals, reminded the singers of each rehearsal time and place with short messages, because our singers were indeed busy and they could forget.

  v. Made each rehearsal as lively as possible to make the singers feel the atmosphere of Christmas, and thus motivate them to sing with emotion.

  Result :Many students said that they were happily surprised by our activity and they hoped we would hold such activities next Christmas. And some said they would love to join our association to learn the beautiful choir.

  (3 )Describe a situation where you had seek out relevant information, define key issues, and decide on which steps to take to get the desired results. (请你描述一种情形,在这种情形中你必须去寻找相关的信息,发现关键的问题事项,并且自己决定依照一些步骤来获得期望的结果。)

  面试技巧分析:这个问题考察应聘者的分析能力、判断能力及决策能力。关键词为: seek out relevant information, define key issues, decide on the steps。面试官实质上是希望了解你分析处理一件事情的全过程,与上一个题目考查如何争取别人的协助是完全不同的。所以,你在描述的时候应该把描述的重点放在你做整个事情的经过上,而不是和什么人一起做。

  * Our dean approved this proposal.

  * Our partner was willing to provide financial assistance, and our members volunteered to design the details of the plan and implement it.

  * A poll showed that the current English corners did not meet the students’ requirements and lacked uniqueness.

  Result :Others were convinced and we successfully founded the English Garden. It’s run once a week now, each meeting attracts over a hundred students.

  (5 )Give an example of how you worked effectively with people to accomplish an importantresult. (请你举一个例子,说明在完成一项重要任务时,你是怎样和他人进行有效合作的。)

  面试技巧分析:这个问题实质考察的是应聘者的团队合作能力。关键词为:worked effectively with people。



  What :Our team won the 2nd Prize in the Military Songs Competition held in our university.

  Situation :In total 20 teams joined the competition, each team represented a class.

  Task :I was in charge of the project. We decided to make our team’s performance unique in order to win a prize.

  Actions :(Key Words :worked effectively with people )

  i. Design: I cooperated with my colleagues to plan the climax of the performance, the musical accomp[被过滤]nt of the songs and the whole arrangement of the narrative poem. As three members in our team were good at guitar, I encouraged them to come up with some ideas about how to use a guitar in the military songs.

  ii. Rehearsal: I worked together with those who were in charge of the lights, sounds and scenes to create the perfect artistic effect.

  iii. On stage: I reminded my fellows with gestures and eye expressions. Also, I helped a singer to cope with an emergency.

  Result :Our military team won the second prize in this competition.

  (6 )Describe a creative/innovative idea that you produced which led to a significant contribution to the success of an activity or project. (请你举一个例子,说明你的一个有创意的建议曾经对一项计划的成功起到了重要的作用。)

  面试技巧分析:这个问题实质考查应聘者的创新能力。关键词为:creative idea ,significantly contributed。



  What :I suggested that we set the topic to be “Sell Yourself”for the annual speech contest in our school.

  Situation :Each year our school holds a speech contest, the topic is randomly chosen by the teachers, for example, how to protect the environment, the importance of honesty, and so on.Students are not very excited about these topics.

  Task :I am quite interested in participating in speech contests, but I’d like them to be different, more exciting and more useful. So I decided to offer some suggestions to our school.

  Actions :

  i. I proposed three topics: Sell Yourself; Where I’ll be in 3 Years; Be Competitive. All focus on future job hunting and career development, which I believe are attractive topics to most students.

  ii. I surveyed other students and got the information that Sell Yourself seemed better, because it gave us a chance not only to say something, but possibly to sing and dance in addition to just speak.

  Result :My proposal was used in the Speech Contest, which was enjoyed by the students. Over 500 students came to watch the speech contest, double the previous audience size. And the participants said the topic gave them a good opportunity to show off and become more confident.

  (7 )Provide an example of how you assessed a situation and achieved good results by focusing on the most important priorities. (请你举一个具体的例子,说明你是怎样评估形势,将精力集中在最重要的事情上从而获得你所期望的结果。)

  面试技巧分析:这个问题考察的是应聘者分析事情和找到问题关键点的能力。关键词为:assessed a situation,

  focused on the prioritie。在回答这个问题时应该将重点放在处理事情的分析过程上。


  What :I once solved the problem of lack of inventory in our store in an hour.

  Situation :Four stores do the promotion at the same time and our store is one of them, the largest one. The sales assistant on the previous day forgot to report that the inventory wasn’t enough and I just realized it when I arrived i n the morning.

  Task :(Key Words: my assessment of the situation ,the priorities)

  *The four promoting stores were not very far from each other, and they opened at different times.It was possible to fetch some stock from another store and make up for it later (My assessment of the situation).

  *To satisfy the stocking demand of the store which had the largest number of customers (the priorities ).

  Actions :I reported to the manager and offered my suggestion. He accepted it.

  Result :Everything went all right. The inventory in our store was sufficient, and the other store was restocked later before lunchtime.

  (8 )Provide an example of how you acquired technical skills and converted them to practical application. (请你举一个具体的例子,说明你是怎样获得一门技能并且将它用于实际工作中的。)

  面试技巧分析:这个问题实质是考察应聘者的学习能力。关键词为:convert technical skills to practical



  What :I learnt how to arrange the questionnaire forms in a scientific way and use them in the survey of a new kind of milk.

  Situation :In the investigation of customer opinions about the taste of a new kind of milk, I found that the questionnaire form was out of date and limited the [被过滤] of responses.

  Actions :

  a) I consulted my boss and a good friend who works in a professional marketing research company and learnt a new way of arranging questionnaire forms.

  b) I designed two new forms, and my boss chose one of them.

  Result :With the help of the converted form, our company obtained more objective and useful information.

  根据以上几个问题,面试时每一位面试官当场在各自的“面试评估表”上打分:打分分为3 等:

  1―2 分(能力不足,不符合职位要求、缺乏技巧,能力及知识)

  3―5 分(普通至超乎一般水准;符合职位要求;技巧、能力及知识水平良好)

  6―8 分(杰出应聘者,超乎职位要求;技巧、能力及知识水平出众)。

  具体项目评分包括说服力/毅力评分、组织/计划能力评分、群体合作能力评分等项目评分。在“面试评估表”的最后1 页有1 项“是否推荐栏”,有3 个结论供面试官选择:拒绝、待选、接纳。在宝洁公司的招聘体制下,聘用1 个人,须经所有面试经理一致通过方可。若是几位面试经理一起面试应聘人,在集体讨论之后,最后的评估多采取1 票否决制。任何1 位面试官选择了“拒绝”,该生都将从面试程序中被淘汰。


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